The 1000 Trademark Challenge. BEST WAY TO GET A TRADEMARK SINCE 1992

If you are receiving this email, then undoubtedly you have
seen our $1000 Trademark Challenge. Probably too many
times, as we tend to do. (We are experts at trademarks, not
marketing after all.) Here’s a refresher of our 2009 “art”:
$1000 Trademark Challenge – Best Since 1992
We want you to compare trademark services carefully. We know we
are your best trademark choice. Please keep us in mind while
shopping around. We have a challenge for you! IF you find a better
trademark company who handles all your needed steps like we do,
then we’ll pay you a $1000 reward! The unique combination of Stepby-Step Federal, State & Common Law Comprehensive IP research –
as the USPTO recommends is something NONE of our competitors
has offered at any time over the past 29 years. We just increased this
challenge from $100, first offered in 2009, then $300 from 2010 to
2017, $500 in 2018 – Now $1000 in 2019. We can’t find a better way to trademark a name, slogan or
logo. Can you? Call us! Thank you!
Here’s some #’s, since 2009, in case you are wondering:
3 = times someone has ever called with a “better” trademark company possibily.
3 = times I have proven to those same callers, who quickly accepted TME was better.
2016 = the last year anyone has called with a “better” trademark company candidate.
0 = number of competitors who have ever called to say they had a better service.
We are talking 13 years here.
NOTE: IF you are a competitor – service or attorney – and you think you offer a better
service, then call now. Take our $, IF you can. I promise to promote you on Constant
Contact to our clients too. I want to get my $1000 worth.
Most of those years, we had to be better, because we didn’t have an extra $300 or $500
to pay anyone. (We are experts at trademarks, not comedy after all.)
I came up with this idea, in response to the “fly-by-night”, I had thought at least, trademark
“file-only” services that started in 2009. We fought for the same space at the top of the
Internet. Incompetent, unqualified, damaging to their clients – because they offered little to
no research whatsoever. Lots of USPTO and CIPO likelihood-of-confusion refusals, bad
applications with poor specimens, name/logo inappropriate combinations and merely
descriptive marks that were never trademarkable in the first place – these striped down
services are thriving. They take advantage of trusting new business start-ups for a quick
buck. In my Zoom call with David Gooder, the USPTO Commissioner, he called these
companies “illegitimate trademark mills”.
So, in our 29th year, we strive to keep our services great and affordable.
We do our $1000 Trademark Challenge because we want you to compare.
Please call me, if you have any comments.
Chris 650-948-0530
Zoom Anytime –
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If you have a viable business, product or service, are on an upward trend, you may want to get a
trademark to protect it, secure Federal trademark rights, to gain full ownership.
If not ready to trademark, then do our $400 Start-Up Package. See steps 1-3, to make sure your
mark is at least LEGALLY CLEAR to continue use and keep gaining Common Law rights.
We are the ONLY trademarking service since 1992, to split the trademark process into 4 steps.
IF legally blocked, under trademark law, after you confer with one of our 10 trademark attorneys

  • there is no need for more research. In that case, just rollover remaining finds to start the
    process for a new name. Common sense! More skill, more savings – for you!
    Premium Package – Unique Step-by-Step Process:
    USA or CANADA Cost Summary, for EACH name to be trademarked:
    Step 1: FREE – USPTO or CIPO Preliminary Research & Analysis
    Step 2: $200 – Federal & State (In USA) Trademark Research & Analysis
    Step 3: $200 – Common Law Research & Analysis

Step 4: $400 – Trademark Application Preparation

Total Comprehensive IP Legal Research, Analysis, Attorney, Application
Trademark Premium Package $800 – $100 Spring Discount = $700.
Federal (non-cannabis products) trademark application fee $350 per class.
State trademark application fees vary from $15 to $125 per class, per State.
Expected Staff Time 8-10 Hours.
Included Database Cost Average $150.
Savings From Trademark Attorney $1500 – $2000.
Is your business name LEGALLY CLEAR?
Do you want to OWN IT nationally?
Similar names affect your legal use too – in sound, appearance or meaning.
Please call us for a free expert trademark
consultation, for this 8-10 hours of work.
Comprehensive legal IP research is needed to make sure your trade name is
legally available, before opening, before expansion, before incorporation or
before designing your logo. Similarities in sound, appearance and meaning
affect legal availability too.
Legally clearing a name, logo or slogan are part of the creative process.You have a 40%
chance the name you picked, is NOT legally clear, when it comes to comprehensive
research. Do not be fooled into thinking your basic CIPO or TESS or WEB search is all
you need. That is why we offer so much information.Your creative work is NOT done
until your name, logo makes it through an actual comprehensive legal search.THEN
everything else to do with your start up should take place – because everything, and
I do mean everything you do spins off a LEGALLY CLEAR name.
Please call or Zoom us anytime for a free expert

For new trademark orders, please call or order above.

What is trademark infringement?
Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a trademark’s sameor related goods or
services in SOUND, APPEARANCE or MEANING, while also considering customer type
and distribution channels, as well, in a manner that is likely to cause confusion in the
marketplace. Acquiescence happens when a mark is not enforced over time, thereby
losing rights to your trademark. This is why our work includes free access to our seasoned
network of 10 trademark attorneys, to expertly sort though conflict and similarity issues. An
experienced attorney is needed for every trademark, as we provide.
We are recommended in the Nolo Press trademark book

series since 1994 – For a reason. We will impress you too!


UPDATE of Offshore, USA Seemingly Located, LOW COST MILLS, SCHEMES, SCAMS,
FRAUDS. The USPTO TERMINATED 5700 Trademarks on Jan 25, 2022. Is yours one of
Good Afternoon, this is an update from our Feb 26 notice.
We have since contacted over 100 of the 5700 scammed companies who lost their
trademark when the USPTO summarily terminated their filings en masse.
In talking to the USPTO Commissioner’s Office on Thursday, they say there was no
choice but to terminate these marks because of all the filing rules broken, including forged
signatures, illegitimated contact information – all well beyond purposely incorrect
specimens and poorly worded goods/services statements, in order to fleece their
customers of more $ to fix.
The USPTO nowadays only communicates via email.
In this case, I recommended to go back to mailing postcards to people to let them know
their marks were killed. The USPTO is considering this idea.
In our calls, not a single person was aware their filing was not proceeding to registration,
except a few contacted by several trademark attorneys located in Chicago, Newport
Beach and Washington DC. The later Steven War of War IP says he talked to a woman
who after the death of her husband the week before, decided to open a business to honor
him. She had upcharges on her credit card totaling over $12,000 for phony services she
never authorized – all starting with the idea of getting a trademark.
I found people who were fleeced of $5000 and $4000, stemming from a low priced ~$69,
$169 or $199 trademark orders. (Not sure which one was the Lure.) Amex gave $5000
back to one business owner, CapitalOne didn’t for the $4000 – because they believed the
doctored docs. Neither business owner knew their marks were terminated by the USPTO.
I called attorney Steven War back to ask if he is recommending comprehensive research
too before filing – like we do. He said he did, but in his experience only 2% of his clients
actually bought it. He was as dismayed – as we always are. (I’ll write about this in the
future because comprehensive research was done by everyone before 2010, when these
type of trademark “file only” mills started mutating.) He didn’t know what to do about the
issue. I commended him because he is one of the few attorneys who even mentions the
need to his clients.
Needless to say, now these 5700 business owners are not going to trust anyone. They
won’t trust the attorneys calling them, or us. One person who I made an extraordinary
effort to reach after receiving her email one liner saying we were “just another web site”.
Ouch. When I reached her, I told her it took me 15 minutes to initially find her, while giving
up last weekend, because her trademark application did not have her contact information
on it. After getting my call and email, she said she had called a friend who knew a
trademark attorney and he was going to refile the mark. When I said she had to make sure
her mark was LEGALLY CLEAR before refiling, because 35% are not, she didn’t believe
me – because the attorney made no mention of the research – just like the scamming firm
she hired – Trademark Terminal.
That attorney is not only negligent, but as an attorney unethical as well, because it is their
duty to tell people to the best of their knowledge what they need, the right procedure.
Attorneys KNOW the chance of getting a likelihood-of-confusion is high. They know
USPTO Office Actions are usually not winnable. They will accept the extra future income
of $750 to $3000 to argue an office action, while ignoring the high cost of the trademark
owner has put into the new product or service over the prior 8 months in the marketplace
assuming they have a trademark to anchor it.
These type of attorneys know it’s easier to take an order, by saying “yes” to someone who
wants to get a trademark at the moment, without giving them cause to pause and look
around for someone less expensive – who is not doing the NEEDED legal research.
Adding to this is our saying that business owners NEED the comprehensive reserach first,
then IF LEGALLY CLEAR, then to refile. This is ethical. Not giving the new business
owner a choice, the knowledge to make a pivotal, critical decision is unethical.
When you do trademarks every day for 29 years, this is the only way to do a trademark.
This is how trademarks have been since 1802. You cannot infringe upon a prior
trademark, someone with first use rights under common law. Sound, appearance and
meaning – channels of distribution, customer type, and related goods/services all matter.


Take a look at the LOW COST trademark service reviews.
Look at Trustpilot where they often post way more reviews for
themselves, way, way, beyond their actual business, (I hope!), but look at the bad ones
they cannot block from appearing. Next, correspond what you read, to what the BBB
displays about them @ IF you do this, you see a stark comparison.
You will see how damaging these “services” are to small business. You will understand
why I am the way I am.
POST FROM FEB 26, 2022
IF you used a LOW COST trademarking service over the last few years, then you may not
be aware your USA trademark was TERMINATED Jan 25, 2022 along with 5700 other
Federal USA Trademarks. See:
Please look at the rest of the links, below, to demonstrate in great detail what this is all
about. Call us and we’ll help sort through your trademark situation.
Jan 25, 2022 is when the USPTO cited 43 trademark and logos design services all owned
by Abtach, 360 Digital Marketing and Retrocube, from former staff from Axact, whose
operation let to their owners receiving 20 year jail sentences for fraud, by the Pakistan FIA

  • Federal Investigation Agency. See 43 “services” below.
    Those people not punished, desperately used what they learned to perpetuate a fraud
    under a wide array of company names, against more people trying to start businesses and
    trademark in the USA, Canada and in 195 other Countries.
    IF your trademark was terminated, from what I understand tonight, at this writing, from
    talking to some people who were ripped off, the USPTO has NOT notified you of the
    issue. You may think you have a trademark, but do not. Your recourse is to A) Petition to
    the USPTO Director, B) refile and C) contact your credit card company for a refund, based
    on fraud. Call us to discuss. Our 10 attorney network can answer legal questions. Not so
    fast! Keep reading.
    BUT FIRST, I implore you NOT to assume your mark is LEGALLY CLEAR. Do it the right
    way and hire us to do the 5-6 hours of comprehensive legal research to make sure you
    CAN get a trademark, including trademark attorney analysis and database costs. Then IF
    LEGALLY CLEAR, we will compile a trademark application RIGHT this time, with a way
    better application to maximize your goods/services description, while giving the USPTO
    what they need, for a successful filing. One you will have as an actual foundation for your
    new business, which you can rely on. That is what we do. For 29 years.
    Call us, or check the USPTO here, now, with your 8 digit Serial #:
    Here’s the 43 fraudulent companies who marketed trademarking “services” under, 30 of
    which are STILL IN BUSINESS, see yellow highlighted:
    Trademark 999
    Trademark Axis
    Trademark Eminent
    Trademark Excel
    Trademark Falcon
    Trademark Fusion
    Trademark Kingdom
    Trademark Nation
    Trademark Regal
    Trademark Profs
    Trademark Target
    Trademark Terminal
    US Trademark Pros
    US Trademark Solutions
    IF you hired a defunct, un-highlighted company, you can still see their domain
    ghost at Internet Archive’s Way Back Machine @
    Here’s what one of the 43, BrandMarky, had the nerve to write:
    Trademarking a brand can be a tricky deal. Not only does it require a lot of effort, it requires you to pay attention to
    guidelines and laws of certain countries. So, how do you go about doing it? The easiest way to do that is by finding an
    expert and Brand Markly is just what you need. The experts of Brand Markly have experienced trademarking ofall kinds.
    They know just what it takes to deliver the highest quality of services without much struggle. So, all you have to do is
    understand the right process and get over the line with our help.
    Orders issued by the Commissioner for Trademarks
    Applications terminated in final order for sanctions issued to Abtach Ltd,
    360 Digital Marketing LLC, and Retrocube, LLC
    Scam Awareness
    Scam alert, Don’t be fooled by offers, notices from private co’s; some are scams
    JDSUPRA – News Article – Chambliss – Following Massive Scam, 5,550+ Trademark
    Applications Filed by “Low-Cost” Filers Invalidated
    WTR – World Trademark Review – News Article – The dangerous legacy of Axact:
    how a ‘diploma mill’ in Pakistan led to a trademark scam epidemic
    Why register your trademark?
    Contact Us – Call – Anytime Zoom – Email
    TradeMark Express
    Urgent Trademark
    Los Altos, California Office Staff
    Washington, DC Office Staff
    Open 7am to 4pm EST, Mon. – Fri.
    Since 1992

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