More Trustpilot testimonials.

“When I did a search for a company that could help me with my trademark search I was fortunate to choose TradeMark Express. The level of customer service I received was unbelievable. Amy–who was handling my search and application–went above and beyond with any request I made. It was obvious she was very good at her job because she was able to answer any question I had. I would use TradeMark Express again without question since the level of professionalism and service I received was fast and efficient. You made what appeared to be a daunting task for me into a smooth process to accomplish my goals and time frame.”

Ellen McNeill, President, Fletcher, North Carolina

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all your hard work on this Trade Mark it was great working with you.”

Tom Brewer, The Diakonos Brotherhood Ministries, Loveland, CO

“I have utilized TradeMark Express for 4 different trademark applications that I have filed. In every instance TE has delivered above and beyond my expectations. Their team of professionals are fast, accurate and well informed and make sure that no detail is left unattended. I highly recommend them and I will be back in the future.”

Christine Regan-Lake, President Redlake, Inc., Warwick, New York

“TradeMark Express did everything as promised plus more. I was very happy with the results they provided me and would refer TM Express to others that are looking to search and register a trademark. Thanks again.”

Al Gottfried, Electric Head Entertainment Howell, New Jersey

“First, I want to thank everyone at TradeMark Express for doing a fantastic job preparing my trademark application for me. Guess what? The attorney from the Patent & Trademark Office assigned to my case called me a few weeks ago. It wasn’t a business call but a call complimenting me on the perfect Trademark application I sent in! He said 90% of all applications that come across his desk have some sort of clerical problem that will delay the whole process of acquiring a trade or service mark! But, the application that TME prepared for me was in the attorney’s words “A breath of fresh air”. He just called to thank me! WOW! Thanks TME! I look forward to working with you again on my future Trade and service mark needs. Keep up the great work!”

Mark Ciolino, Quest Book Company, Kenner, Louisiana

“For low cost, effective, trademark registration, TradeMark Express is the only way to go. They gave me great advice, helped me with the forms, and helped me do the entire registration myself. Saved hundreds.”

Steve Bursten, Bethesda, Maryland

“Thank you for your cooperation and I hope that we do some business of mutual interest in the future.”

Tariq Rana, Bangkok, Thailand

“TradeMark Express did a wonderful and efficient job in doing my trademark search and application. I would use them again!”

John Berglund Tijon, Atlanta, Georgia

“Your web site and services are outstanding.”

Ronald W. Mason

“I am very happy I used your company. Thank you so much for taking all the time to answer my questions. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.”

Fred Springer

“I am very pleased with your services thus far and will continue to bring my business your way. Thanks.”

Eric Rosenberg, Seventh Seal Clothing, San Diego, California

“Thank you very much for your service. We are really satisfied with TradeMark Express!”

Roman Stravicinsky, Brno, Czech Republic

“I’ve used your firm several times with great results…in addition, I’ve been referring dozens of my clients to you as I feel you provide excellent service.”

David M. Kang, Pinnacle Printing, Palo Alto, California

“I completed my search with your company a couple of weeks ago. I also used your company to review my TM application. Everything went smoothly and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend TradeMark Express to anyone needing this kind of service. Thanks for your help.”

Kathrina Deegan

“I want you to know that I was very pleased with the work you have done for me and I find your staff to be professional and helpful. I was also pleased with the lawyer you referred me to who addressed my questions when the…conflict developed…I see a real value in securing a trademark prior to investing in and developing a commercial site.”

Mahlon Hanson

“I’ve used your good services before, and have been very happy. Thanks for everything.”

Carl Cramer, Brooklin, Maine

“FYI, I have been very pleased by the prompt, professional and courteous service I have received from Jim and Carla. Thanks.”

Susan Beneville, Oakland, California

“For the record, I’m recommending you to all my business associates. Thanks again.”

Kevin Cann, Tracy, California

“Thank you for the quick turnaround of common-law search results. I will be contacting/researching business information specifics for the 2 similarities found.”

Rob Kleiman, San Diego, California

“Thank you! Your referral to a copyright attorney, was very helpful!”

Rob Kleiman, San Diego, California

“Thank you for all the fast and informative replies. Getting responses on Sunday is impressive. Thanks and I look forward to the research results.”

Tom Crotty, Timonium, Maryland

“Thanks again. You obviously have done this before. It is nice to know someone knows about all of this. You have been a great help.”

Dawn Tuttle

“Thank you for your trademark search report. It was very complete and it provided the information we needed.”

Marina Abreu

“Thanks for your concern, this actually was a new business and website that was for sale and caught my eye with potential. In the future if I need search information on trademarks or names, I will definitely contact you.”

Carl Mountain

“I’m so impressed..Thanks..for the quick response!”

Gina, C & C Brokers Seattle, WA

“Thank you for following up. I was very pleased with your company. Everything was done in a very timely fashion and the customer service was extremely available and helpful. I would recommend others to use TradeMark Express.”

Debbie Brenner, Small Fish Big Pond

“Just a quick note to let you know that things are going great! The name change was tough but we didn’t loose one customer or agent. We think you guys are geniuses!”

Kristen Van Engelen, SelEquity Real Estate, Boise, Idaho

“Very interesting. I wish I would have found you earlier. I just paid a $300 consultation fee just to find out they wanted another $2700 to go any further. Thanks!”

Sharon Morgan, Longwood, FL

“A few days or maybe even weeks ago I went on to your website in order to find out some information about trademarking. I was happy to find the chat help and I just wanted to tell you that Heather is doing a wonderful job. I had some pretty frustrating questions and most of which were the same question requiring the same answer put in a different form. I know that Heather was frustrated with me because she had to find different ways of telling me what I didn’t want to hear. None the less she stuck with me and answered my questions to the best of her ability and in fact stayed until I was clear about everything. I know it’s her job but I feel that she really went the extra mile. I wanted to just say thank you for having her on staff. I hope that if being able to give someone a raise comes up that you have her in mind. Thanx again.”


“Thank you Chris for all the info, both via email and on the phone. If I go this route you can be sure it will be you folks I will use.”

Carolyn Dell’uomo

“I have used TradeMark Express in the past, and would not hesitate to do so in the future. You are prompt, thorough, cost effective. invaluable. Thanks.”

Ron Melk, Heads Up

“Thank you for your great customer service and follow up. Our company is in a transitional stage at this time, but when we make a decision on how we are going to proceed, we will contact you. Thank you again for your help.”

Miki Shaler

“Thank you for the e-mail. The service was fast, efficient and complete and I will use your service again in the future. Best regards.”

Laurie Miller, Annie Quinn

“It is my pleasure working with you. I have found that you, as well as the others with whom we have spoken, are straight-forward and very responsive to the needs of the client. I wouldn’t look any further than your company when the time comes for my determining the legal availability of Dynamic Discoveries. Thanks for your comments in your latest e-mail. Makes perfect sense to me! Thank you so much for your very quick response to my credit request. I very much appreciate the great service that we’ve received from you, Chris DeMassa, and Tom Cook.”

Bev Hawley, Dynamic Discoveries

“Sorry for the delay in getting back to you…your quick response to me was very impressive….will keep in mind for future reference that you are both enthusiastic and prompt!”

Gwen Sjogren, Calgary, Alberta

“Thanks again for the outstanding advice and work of your office.”

John Berglund, Texas Tijon

“My expectations were met. I thought the customer service was excellent. I will contact TradeMark Express again when I do the rest of my Trademarking. Chris DeMassa is top notch. He was very helpful during the whole process and was instrumental in the Trademarking of DecaSport Challenge. Amy was great to work with as well. I am a very satisfied customer. Thanks.”

Brian McRae, Calgary, Alberta, DecaSport Challenge

“Thank you so much. Your advice makes such sense. I will put our trade name in for a search and we can go from there.”


“Yes, your answer was helpful. Thank you very much. If I ever need these services I will go through you.”


“Hi Greg….good advice. So go ahead and do the application by just typing the name, rather than using the font we’ve used. Thanks for your attention on this and suggestion. We appreciate it.”


“Thank you, we are working with Steve Humphrey with the Common Law similarities that came up. We will be back in touch as the process moves forward. To date, we could not have gotten this far without your timely help.”

Marianne Jackson, Threshold Seminars

“Thank you So much. I don’t think I have ever worked with any other company that has been so willing to offer information to a client or anyone. PS. My company Green Ladies is on its way. The USPTO has already cashed my check and i have started my web site, i just wanted to say thank you. Thank you again.”

Lola Quesada, Green Ladies

“Thanks Chris! I will absolutely consider TradeMark Express for my next application.”

Simone Nikola

“We’d like to thank you and your company for helping us through this TM process. TradeMark Express was very helpful. The customer service of Trade Mark Express is definitely one of the companies strong points. Whenever we had question they happily addressed the situation, both clearly and promptly. Yes, we definitely would contact TradeMark Express again for research/application services. Keep up the good work.”

Kent Healy, “Cool Stuff“ books

“Thank you for all this excellent information. As I stated in our conversation yesterday, I am just getting started in my venture and have been inquiring about all the legalities involved from every angle. I have not decided on a definite name or logo yet. I’m playing with the name but have not made a final decision or had any paperwork printed with that name. Your information has made me glad that I didn’t before talking with someone such as yourself. For the time being I’m going to just have any checks made out to me personally, as my resources are very limited at this time. But rest assured, that when I decide the time is right to proceed with this, I will contact you. Again, thank you for all this information. I will file it and be in touch when this venture I’m undertaking begins to take off. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Respectfully.”

Mike Fascetta

“I am delighted to provide a testimonial for the services rendered by TradeMark Express. The services provided by TradeMark Express were extraordinarily prompt and comprehensive. Everyone I spoke to was knowledgeable and pleasant. It is not often that one comes across this level of service. You can be sure I will recommend TradeMark Express to many friends and associates.”

Rajan K. Pillai, Yoga Kitchen, New York, New York

“I have been granted an intent to use mark for “RIng of Fire Grill & Tavern” and am not satisfied by my representation. I am being nickel and deemed to death. I have not opened the business yet and wondered if I could switch from my current attorneys to your company. I used you for my last mark “Bare Bones” and was very satisfied.”

Marshall Bell, Bare Bones, RIng of FIre Grill & Tavern

“TradeMark Express has met all my expectations providing an efficient and easy to understand trademark process at a very reasonable fee. I will by all means continue to use Trademark for my upcoming trademarks, they have demonstrated quick & reliable customer service and expertise.”

Ross Giordano, Tuscany, Rossi Industries, Carpentersville, Illinois

“Wow, thanks for such a personal response!”

Delly Ray

“Thank you for your time and follow ups! You guys seem very helpful and together. I definitely want to use your services. Thank you so very much and hopefully I will be able to do this sooner rather than later.”

Rae Beth

“Did TradeMark Express meet your expectations? Definitely – I am always very impressed with the quality of service your company provides. You have always provided excellent customer service. Thank you!”

Annette Monagas, Ready Aim Wow Escondido, California

“I just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone at your branch that assisted in my trademark search, and answered my questions along the way. A trademark selection designed to tie in with a marketing concept is a rather daunting task, and the truly professional approach with the quick turnaround from TradeMark Express really helps to get the job done. Thanks again for all your help!”

Gary Ellefsen, President, DR. CHI Salt Lake City, Utah

“It was good to be able to spend some time with you today! Both Patrick and I were very satisfied with their service and contrary to many around me who tried to discourage me to go through such a service through the Internet, because I was not going to get the service one would in person by dealing with someone in town, much less at the speed I wanted everything to happen…Well, guess who is chuckling now!

Thank you for all of the co-operation. It has truly been a pleasure working with TradeMark Express; I have already spoken of your services to several company owners around here who are always interested on how I find truly professional businesses or services across the country (that I find over the Internet) to help me reach my goals at an acceptable rate.

Being a member of the ASBA, Rotary 100, Phoenix Committee on Foreign Relations, World Affairs Council and Arizona Arts Chorale, it will only make me happy if and when appropriate to direct business your way. Many of us small business owners get tired of the “incredulous” legal and other professional fees that some charge around here, in Phoenix. Again, thank you to you and your team, I and my partners have truly been impressed by your services. We look forward to the eventual e-mail making all of our TMs official on paper.”

Simone S. Lopes, Vice-President, Presence IT, Paradise Valley, Arizona

“Did TradeMark Express meet your expectations? Absolutely and more. Very prompt customer service – professional and most helpful. I will most definitely contact TradeMark Express again and I shall. Thanks for the expert service and experience!”

Duane Reynolds, Solestrom Orlando, Florida

“I must say that I’m really impressed! I travel and work very odd hours and have contacted you several times now late evenings and weekends and you have replied almost immediately. Kudos to you!”

Michael Tanner, Managing Director, The Chasm Group, San Mateo, California

“Thank you for your persistence but we have determined that a massage clinic is not feasible at this time. I will be sure to give you a call if we ever do decide to open a business. Thank you anyway!”

Amy Garcia

“No problem @ all ur a big help n u get strut to the chase w/ no run around on what needs to b done, so most definitely if I know anyone else that needs your services I will let you know.”

Roderick Franklin

“Thank you very much Chris. Your help is very much appreciated!”

Geoffrey Guevara

“Yes, I am very satisfied with what you’ve done for us, I feel that you are very professional and thorough. I appreciated your personalized service and reassurances of attorneys’ opinions. Thank you!”

Dee, Step’NFishBench Beach Products, Athens, New York

“We were very pleased with the service we have received from the TradeMark Express. Customer service has been outstanding and timely. We would certainly use your company for future Trademark search services. Thank you very much!”

Alex Levine, Mealster Plainview, New York

“Thank you for the quick and professional assistance! TradeMark Express has greatly assisted me on two occasions; first in filing a trademark and second, when I encountered problems with that filing through no fault of theirs. At all times TradeMark Express was extremely thorough, professional and quick to respond. I would highly recommend them.”

John Berglund, Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America, Arlington, Texas

“Shannon, Thanks for all of your help and putting up with my calls today!”

Glenn Herbert, Welcome-Home Loan, Long Beach, California

“Wow! My expectations were exceeded from the moment I found your site on the internet, asked questions, got quick and accurate responses to today with the excitement of official filing. Your team is knowledgeable, friendly and concerned about our company needs. Since trademarking is a specific special field and I knew little about it (first time trademarking) you took the anxiety out of the process and made it easy and reliable. Our team at Discover Fun Entertainment thanks you for service we can build our business on. We will of course continue to use your services and recommend you to our network across North America!”

Ken Ballard, Pitt Meadows, BC, Canada Discover Fun Entertainment

“I am very pleased with the professional service I received from TradeMark Express. Also, every one I contacted was very courteous and helpful. I would not hesitate to use them again, or refer them to others.”

Dorcas Good, Riverside, California

“TradeMark Express has been great to work with and I very much appreciate the timely response offered by everyone I spoke to at the company.”

Philip Goldentyer, Theo & Hugh, Miami, Florida

“I’ll be filing the PTO application myself for my client. Thanks for the quick turnaround on the logo search. In terms of testimonials, I can state the following:
I continue to use TradeMark Express for logo and phrase searches because they understand my client’s needs for urgency and thorough research. They have demonstrated through multiple searches that my confidence in them is not mis-placed.”

David Berndt, Attorney at Law, Norton, Massachusetts

“I was very impressed with your service: everything was timely, thorough and very very personal. I would absolutely use your service again. Everyone in your office was pointed, direct, very professional as well as kind. I will, definitely, use you and your office when I need this research done on a new name we will choose during the Holidays. Thanks again.”

Lisa Harrawood, Peru To You Dade City, Florida

“My experience with TradeMark Express was very positive. I was consistently contacted and updated after each step. Due to a variety of reasons, I did not pursue an application for a trademark. When that decision was made, I received additional input to assist me with that final decision. After that, I received a prompt refund to my account. I would use TradeMark Express again if the need arose.”

Ron Monson, Cache Valley Mortgage & Loan, Logan, Utah

“You all have been a great help. Whenever any of my musician friends want to trademark their names and logos, I will recommend TradeMark Express to them. Is there any survey I can fill out regarding my experience dealing with TradeMark Express? If so, please send it. Thank you!”

Alejandro Topete, Alejandro El Caballero, Oakland, California

“TradeMark Express has been extremely helpful and made a fairly complicated task easy. The staff at the Arcata office has been very courteous and helped by informing me of steps and actions to take, even though you did not offer the services yourselves. Thanks again!”

Wesley Ely, Courauki Designs – Jahaziah, Kerrville, Texas

“Hi! Wow. Thanks for getting back to me so fast. I didn’t expect a reply so soon. You’re great!”

Mollie Manuell, Santa’s Spiders, Temecula, California

“Thank you for the followup. Your service was of great assistance.”

Cathy Schmidt, Woodland Hills, California

“This is so exciting! Thank you for your assistance, it has been a pleasure working with everyone at TradeMark Express!”

Patti Rosbrook, Tampa, Florida

“TradeMark Express went above and beyond our expectations in every aspect. The level of customer service was exceptional. Every question was answered as clear as and detailed as we could have asked for. Each search was done in a very timely manner and explained to me every step of the way. Not sure what we would have done if not for TradeMark Express. Not only would I use this service again if needed, but I would recommend this same service to any serious individuals looking to protect themselves and their creative ideas.”

Ronnie Hill, Hood Stars, Bay Shore, New York

“TradeMark Express has been very professional, and very helpful to me during this crazy and unexpected long process. Everyone I talked to seemed eager to help in whatever way they could, but I must say that Robert in particular has gone out of his way to deal with MANY of my ignorant questions, and took the time to get to know exactly where I was coming from with this whole ‘Cyaron’ thing.”

Max Robinson, Cyaron, Grand Terrace, CA

“I am very pleased with the overall service level and appreciated the next-day research results as well as having real people with genuine knowledge review the process. I also liked having an attorney available to talk to. Mostly, though, I benefited from Shannon’s willingness, via live chat and email, to give me detailed and specific information so I could understand the process and the law sufficiently to know how to proceed. I have already referred your company to another firm. Thanks!”

Nancy Krug, Arcana Tileworks, Windemere, FL

“My niece was over for dinner – she told us how she trademarked something (I think her business name) and went on and on and on about the good service she got. I listened and then told her she should have asked me first for a referral. Well, she happened to use you! Small world. Take care and I’ll be in contact. Best wishes.”

Alan Zimmelman, COO ITEX, Bellevue, Washington

“I was referred to your company through a branding specialist and I’m very glad he recommended you. I’m amazed at how fast and straight-forward you made the process. You had the initial search complete the SAME DAY I ordered. In fact, I don’t think I’ve clocked a return response from any of my questions or form submissions back from you any slower than 3 hours each time… some of the best service I’ve encountered from ANY firm in my 9 years of doing business on the Internet. You’ve raised the bar, and you’ll certainly getting ALL my business on future registrations, too!”

Lee Benson,