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Since 1992, TradeMark Express® is your top pick to trademark names, slogans, or logos. We back our filings with comprehensive legal research, covering preliminary, trademark, and common law steps.

With our network of 10 seasoned trademark attorneys, you get expert analysis of our 600-800 page reports. If a mark is unavailable, transfer your remaining balance to a new trademark package hassle-free.

Our unique approach showcases our trademark service excellence.

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Thorough Trademark Searches

TradeMark Express prides itself on providing truly comprehensive trademark search services.

We provide extremely detailed trademark searches to find any potential conflicts, as the USPTO warns that trademarks can create confusion if they look alike, sound alike, or have similar meanings.

10 Trademark Attorney Network

Our unique advantage?

A global network of 10 trademark attorneys, including 6 in the USA and others in Europe, Hong Kong, South Africa, & Mexico.

Each relevant attorney receives your legal research report, ensuring preparedness for discussions on findings.

Since 1992, TradeMark Express has handled 500,000+ trademark searches. Utilizing Thomson Reuters Westlaw & Clarivate’s CompuMark SAEGIS network, we ensure thorough trademark research for your trademark application.

Our vast experience in legal trademark searches makes us a top choice for trademark attorneys. We excel in company, product, slogan, and logo design searches.

Beyond comprehensive trademark searches, we offer free consultations and expert analysis. Trust TradeMark Express® for clear trademark solutions and access to lawyers.

With 32+ years’ experience and thousands of satisfied clients, we’re your go-to for trademark needs, national or international.

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Trademark Searches
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Savings for LIKE Work

Expert Comprehensive Clearance Legal
Trademark and Common Law Research

Beware of trademark services that offer lower prices as they do NOT provide the service you need - truly comprehensive legal research.

Attorneys who can deliver the level of service you need typically charge between $2000 and $4000 for 8 to 10 hours of work to successfully trademark your brand.

At TradeMark Express, we specialize in conducting comprehensive research for Federal Trademarks, State Trademarks, and Common Law usage. Leveraging leading online resources such as Thomson Reuters Westlaw and the Clarivate’s CompuMark SAEGIS network boasting 6500+ databases, we ensure thorough investigations.

Our process involves scrutinizing every potential similarity in trade names, examining sound, appearance, and meaning to identify conflicts. With billions of references across these databases, updated daily, we leave no stone unturned.

A typical search entails scouring thousands of compiled informational databases to flag any potential issues. With our extensive experience, having conducted over 500,000 trade name research strategies, we understand that it’s the subtle similarities that often impact a client’s legal usage. These nuances are typically unearthed only through our comprehensive trademark searches, ensuring your business is protected from potential conflicts.

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How it Works:

$700 Step-by-Step Comprehensive Clearance Search & Trademark Filing

1) Free Direct-Hit Trademark Search

2) $200 Federal & State Trademark Search

3) $200 Common-Law Search

4) $300 Application — Special Discount (Normally $400; USPTO fees not included)


– Truly comprehensive searches with expert analysis in order to find conflicting & similar marks in Sound, Appearance, and/or Meaning

– Independent Trademark Attorney Analysis

– Our exclusive ROLLOVER approach

If your name is blocked at any of the search levels, any remaining funds can be applied to your next choice name

Since 1992, TradeMark Express has been the only trademark company to offer this common-sense approach to the needed comprehensive trademark research.

Expert Legal Trademark Search Analysis - Similarities & Conflicts

Trademark Attorney Consultations

TradeMark Express’ expert research staff spend 5-6 hours executing your comprehensive trademark research & common-law research and will elevate similar and conflicting names, logos, or slogans for you to:

  • Verify if still in use
  • Contact any one of the provided trusted network of 10 independent trademark attorneys. The trademark attorneys average 30 years of experience each. They are available to you to answer any legal trademark questions.

Your trademark’s legal rights depend on your proposed name, slogan, or logo to be legally clear.

The Search Results

Comprehensive trademark search services will produce 600 to 800 pages of research for one trademark: trade names similarities in sound, appearance, and meaning may affect legal use, as well as channels of distribution, related goods and services — even famous names, too!

The Analysis

All of these aspects matter in the analysis. We do not recommend to interpret your own complex research results. If an infringed trade name holder does exist, then they have up to six years to enforce their trademark or common law rights against your trademark!

Network of 10 Independent Expert Trademark Attorneys

TradeMark Express includes a choice of 10 independent expert trademark attorneys to its clients in the case of a Federal or State Trademark or Common Law (first use) research conflict or similarity – and for all legal trademark questions.
scales of justice to represent trademark attorney network

USA & International trademark attorneys.

Our USA based trademark attorneys are located in Washington D.C., Chicago, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco. Our International based trademark attorneys are located in Mexico City, Brussels, South Africa, and Hong Kong. Our trademark attorneys will discuss research similarities and conflicting results at no additional charge.

15 Minutes with Lawyer

You will have 15 minutes of time available with an attorney. If you should need more time, you may be charged their hourly rates as discussed with you at the outset of your phone call.

USPTO, State, CIPO, EUIPO and Madrid Protocol Trademark Application Preparations.

Looking to safeguard your brand with a trademark?

Trust TradeMark Express to handle your application efficiently & effectively. Our expert team optimizes your trademark application for maximum protection of your goods or services, enhancing the chances of first-time acceptance.

For trademarks that are In Use in the USA, we help you make sure that your specimens of use meet the stringent guidelines set by the USPTO.

We’re proud of our record: most trademark applications sail through on the first try. And if a minor Office Action correction pops up, we handle it at no extra charge.

For added peace of mind, both our TradeMark Express and Urgent Trademark packages include one year of trademark monitoring. This service, valued at $400, ensures your registration is secure & identifies any competitor filings.

Government Filing Fees:

Government filing fees are not included in our low fee.

They are separate from our fee, paid directly to the government at the time of filing.

The USPTO is either $250 or $350 per class, to be determined at the time of application. The difference is complexity of the goods/services statement.

USA State fees vary from $10 to $125 per class.

Canada’s CIPO fee is CA$336. IF additional classes are needed, then an additional CA$100 per class.

An EUIPO trademark application is EU850, plus EU100 per additional class.

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About TradeMark Express Checklist

  • Since 1992, Expert Trademark Services: We specialize in securing Federal or State Trademarks for business names, slogans, and logo designs across all industries.

  • Extensive Experience: With over 100,000 trademarks executed and 500,000 legal searches conducted for clients, our 32+ years of experience ensures thorough legal research & analysis.

  • Comprehensive Trademark Search: Comprehensive legal trademark searches for both Federal and State levels, along with Common-Law research.

  • Cost-Saving Rollover Policy: Our unique approach allows clients to rollover funds if your mark faces legal challenges, ensuring a cost-effective process.

  • Expert Consultations: Benefit from expert consultations tailored to your needs, including free USPTO live direct-hit trademark searches.

  • Global Coverage: We facilitate trademark applications not only in the USA but also in Canada, Europe, and worldwide through filings with EUIPO and Madrid Protocol.

  • Creative Assistance: In case your trademark faces legal blockages, NAME-IT provides free creative naming assistance to kickstart a new branding direction.

  • Significant Savings: Save $2000 to $4000 compared to traditional trademark attorney fees for similar services.

  • Success Rate: We boast a 100% success rate since 2008, offering peace of mind throughout the trademark registration process.