The Absolute Best Way to Trademark Your Name, Slogan and Logo Design art.


Since 1992, TradeMark Express® has been the absolute best, most unique way to trademark a name, slogan, or logo. Every trademark filing we do is based upon actual expert comprehensive clearance legal research to determine legal availability of our client’s intended trademark. Legal research is broken into 3 steps – preliminary, trademark and common law. We offer our clients access to choose between our network of 10 trademark attorneys to analyze our typical 600-800 page reports. Each attorney has at least 30 years experience. IF a mark is blocked, then clients can salvage their remaining fee by rolling over to a new mark. No other trademark service in the World offers this common sense approach to achieve a trademark. We even have a $1000 Challenge if you can find a better trademark service than TradeMark Express®.

Please call/Zoom/Calendly today for a free expert initial consultation before you hire us. Lets go over your unique needs. Do you need a trademark or just to legally clear or protect your intended trademark with our 3 step Start-Up Package. Is your name or slogan trademarkable, or merely descriptive? Is your logo design trademarkable or just a type font? Know how we work before you hire us.

We offer true comprehensive clearance legal research to clear against similar names in sound, appearance or meaning that may affect your legal use, under trademark law. We compare related goods and services, customers, distribution channels, famous names and litigious companies - who may challenge your trademark within the next 10 years. Our clients have not had a trademark refusal since 2008.

The key to our uniqueness is our 10 trademark attorney expert network available to every client. With 6 attorneys in the USA, and others in Europe, Hong Kong and Mexico. Each time you receive a legal research report, so will the attorneys. So, any attorney you choose will be ready to discuss each report's findings. IS your mark clear? IF not, then an explanation why. IF clear, then we proceed.

TradeMark Express has handled over half a million trademark searches, since 1992. We work on the top business paid database information providers Thomson Reuters Westlaw & CompuMark SAEGIS network of over 6500 databases to produce comprehensive IP research as a foundation for your trademark application and future use.

Our deep experienced skills in conducting hundreds of thousands of legal IP searches is the main reason many trademark attorneys hire us to conduct their clients’ company, product, slogan, and logo design searches.

TradeMark Express has always offered its clients more than a comprehensive IP trademark search. We pride ourselves in our free consultations, expert analysis of our research reports and trademark application preparation guidance.

Trademark Express® is the best in the business. Why? We offer the best trademark services that you can rely on to make sure your name, slogan, or logo is absolutely clear. What’s more, when you need a lawyer, we offer access to ones as part of our pricing packages.

We have 31 years of experience and thousands of happy clients to provide it. We can help you with just one needed trademark or multiple ones, and we can work with you for national and international trademarking needs.

Years in business - Since 1992.
Trademark searches conducted.
Research databases accessed.
Save from $2000 to $3000 vs Trademark Attorney for LIKE work.

Expert Comprehensive Clearance Legal
Trademark and Common Law Research

NOTE - Any trademarking service less expensive than us, is NOT doing what you need - i.e. actual, true, deep comprehensive legal research.

Any attorney, doing LIKE work, as you need, will be in the $3000-$4000 range for the 8-10 hours of work to achieve a successful trademark.

TradeMark Express conducts expert Federal Trademark, State Trademark, and Common Law Research (first use) on the leading online sources of Thomson Reuters Westlaw & CompuMark SAEGIS network of 6500 databases.

Each area of potential similarity is thoroughly searched for trade name conflict and similarities — based on name similarity of sound, appearance, and meaning. These online databases, with billions of references to search through, are updated daily.

A typical trade name search may involve researching thousands of different compiled informational databases to find a potential problem.

We know from the experience of conducting over 500,000 trade name research strategies that similarities are much more likely to affect a clients’ legal use, than conflicts which a preliminary search will uncover. Most strong similarities in sound, appearance, and meaning are found only when conducting a comprehensive IP search.

woman conducting trademark research on laptop

Thus, TradeMark Express only conducts comprehensive IP searches for its clients because of its expertise.

Unique Step-By-Step Money Saving Approach. IF legally blocked, then salvage & rollover unused funds to new trademark.

Step-by-Step Comprehensive Clearance Legal Research - 1) Free Preliminary USPTO/CIPO, 2) $200 Federal & State Trademark, 3) National Common Law $200, 4) Application Summer Special ($400 - $100 Discount = $300) = $700.

Since 1992, TradeMark Express has been the only trademark company to conduct its comprehensive IP research in 2 steps:

  1. Trademark search
  2. If clear, conduct common Law research – to find conflicting and similar marks in sound, appearance or meaning.

Since 2008, we offer another chance to save $. We will conduct a free preliminary USPTO or CIPO search of your proposed new name. IF clear, we go to the comprehensive IP research steps.

This is a great approach to your comprehensive IP research, allowing you to economize your fee. We will spend an average of :30 on your preliminary search, then 2.5 hours on your trademark search, then 2.5 hours on your common law search. Research usually results in 600-800 page reports, with database costs and independent trademark attorney analysis included.

Since 1992, we have been the only trademark company to offer this common sense approach to the needed comprehensive IP research.

Expert Legal Research Analysis
- Similarities and Conflicts.

Trademark Attorney Consultations.

TradeMark Express expert research staff having spent 5-6 hours executing your comprehensive IP research, will elevate similar and conflicting names, logos, or slogans for you to:

  • Verify if still in use
  • Contact any one of the provided trusted network of 10 independent trademark attorneys. The trademark attorneys average 30 years of experience each. They are available to you to answer any legal trademark questions.

Your trademark’s legal rights depend on your proposed name, slogan, or logo to be legally clear.

The Search Results

Comprehensive IP search services will produce 600 to 800 pages of research for one trademark: trade names similarities in sound, appearance, and meaning may affect legal use, as well as channels of distribution, related goods and services — even famous names, too!

The Analysis

All of these aspects matter in the analysis. We do not recommend to interpret your own complex research results. If an infringed trade name holder does exist, then they have up to six years to enforce their trademark or common law rights against your trademark!

Network of 10 Independent Expert Trademark Attorneys

TradeMark Express includes a choice of 10 independent expert trademark attorneys to its clients in the case of a Federal or State Trademark or Common Law (first use) research conflict or similarity – and for all legal trademark questions.
scales of justice to represent trademark attorney network

USA & International trademark attorneys.

Our USA based trademark attorneys are located in Washington D.C., Chicago, Salt Lake City and Oakland. Our International based trademark attorneys are located in Mexico City, Brussels and Hong Kong. Our trademark attorneys will discuss research similarities and conflicting results at no additional charge.

15 Minutes with Lawyer

You will have 15 minutes of time available with an attorney. If you should need more time, you may be charged their hourly rates as discussed with you at the outset of your phone call.

USPTO, State, CIPO, EUIPO and Madrid Protocol Trademark Application Preparations.

TradeMark Express will your application to maximize your goods or services protection and to make sure your application will be accepted the first time. For in-use USA applicants, we will make sure your specimens of use will comply to USPTO guidelines.

We take great pride that our trademark applications are normally accepted the first time, with no delay.

IF a minor office action correction is needed, we will do so at no charge. We receive very few of these.

We include one year of trademark monitoring for either our TradeMark Express or Urgent Trademark packages to assure registration and to catch any trailing competitor filings. This is a $400 value – included.

Government Filing Fees:

Government filing fees are not included in our low fee. They are separate from our fee, paid directly to the government at the time of filing.

The USPTO is either $250 or $350 per class, to be determined at the time of application. The difference is complexity of the goods/services statement. USA State fees vary from $10 to $125 per class.

Canada’s CIPO fee is CA$336. IF additional classes are needed, then an additional CA$100 per class.

An EUIPO trademark application is EU850, plus EU100 per additional class.

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About Summary Checklist

  • Since 1992. Federal or State trademarking of business names, slogans and logo designs. All types of companies, services and products. Expert consultations. Free TESS live preliminary research with Zoom shared screen Calendly appointment. Comprehensive clearance legal trademark Federal and State research. Comprehensive Common Law research. Conflict and similarity analysis. Trademark attorney consultations included with all levels of service. USA Federal, State Canada, EUIPO and Madrid Protocol Worldwide trademark application filings. Protective research. Intellectual property trademark audits. Trademark services available for USA, Canada, Europe and Worldwide. We have executed over 100,000 trademarks for our clients, involving over 500,000 legal searches. We also offer creative naming services via NAME-IT (Since 1993) for small businesses and Miramark (Since 2007) for larger businesses.

  • A savings of $2000 to $3000 vs a trademark attorney for LIKE trademark work.

  • Expert free trademark consultations, to determine where your IP is, then what you actually need to fit your situation.

  • Unique one of a kind STEP-BY-STEP true comprehensive legal research to determine if your intended name, slogan or logo is LEGALLY CLEAR, based on trademark law.

  • Expert 31 year experienced trademark attorney legal research analysis.

  • 10 Trademark attorney network included in our low fee.

  • If after conferring with one of the trademark attorneys in our network, your mark is legally blocked, free creative naming help from NAME-IT to jump start a new name.

  • Unique Rollover Policy - IF your mark is legally blocked, our process allows clients to salvage their remaining fee and rollover funds to a new mark. No other trademark service has ever offered this common sense approach.

  • Since 1992, no other trademark service has offered the common sense approach of STEP-BY-STEP research to offer a Rollover of funds to start over the process of getting a LEGALLY CLEAR mark.

  • Expert trademark application preparation services to maximize coverage and avoid Office Action refusals.

  • 1 year trademark monitoring services to ensure registration is accomplished.

  • 100% SUCCESS RATE SINCE 2008.