DO NOT let competitors GOBBLE up your chance to get a trademark 112021.pdf

Dear Client, preserve your first use common law rights by
getting a trademark to fully own your product or service
name, logo or slogan.

Competitors can and will trademark
on top of your first use common law rights merely on the
gamble you will not spent $5,000 – $10,000 to retain an
attorney to argue, send a cease and desist, threaten to sue or move to cancel your trademark filing.

IF you have a
viable business, you SHOULD BE CONSIDERING a
trademark to protect it.
Premium Package – Unique Step-by-Step Process:
USA or CANADA Cost Summary, for EACH name to be trademarked:
Step 1: FREE – USPTO or CIPO Preliminary Research & Analysis
Step 2: $200 – Federal & State (In USA) Trademark Research & Analysis
Step 3: $200 – Common Law Research & Analysis

Step 4: $400 – Trademark Application Preparation

Total Comprehensive IP Legal Research, Analysis, Attorney, Application
Trademark Premium Package $800 – $100 Fall Discount = $700.
Expected Staff Time 8-10 Hours
Included Database Cost Average $150.
Savings From Trademark Attorney $1500 – $2000.
Is your business name LEGALLY CLEAR?
Do you want to OWN IT nationally?
Similar names affect your legal use too – in sound, appearance or meaning.
Comprehensive legal IP research is needed to make sure your trade name is
legally available, before opening, before expansion, before incorporation or
before designing your logo. Similarities in sound, appearance and meaning
affect legal availability too.
Legally clearing a name, logo or slogan are part of the creative process.You have a 40%
chance the name you picked, is NOT legally clear, when it comes to comprehensive
research. Do not be fooled into thinking your basic CIPO or TESS or WEB search is all
you need. That is why we offer so much information.Your creative work is NOT done
until your name, logo makes it through an actual comprehensive legal search.THEN
everything else to do with your start up should take place – because everything, and
I do mean everything you do spins off a LEGALLY CLEAR name.
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For new trademark orders, please call or order above. Avoid competitors getting in the way.

What is trademark infringement?
Trademark infringement is the unauthorized use of a trademark’s sameor related goods or
services in SOUND, APPEARANCE or MEANING, while also considering customer type
and distribution channels, as well, in a manner that is likely to cause confusion in the
marketplace. Acquiescence happens when a mark is not enforced over time, thereby
losing rights to your trademark. This is why our work includes free access to our seasoned
network of 10 trademark attorneys, to expertly sort though conflict and similarity issues. An
experienced attorney is needed for every trademark, as we provide.
We are recommended in the Nolo Press trademark book
series since 1994 – For a reason. We will impress you too!
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