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We'll comprehensively research IF your new intended trademark is in fact LEGALLY CLEAR FIRST.
We then apply for your trademark.
The first step to starting your business is TradeMark Express
If your legal Intellectual Property research isn't comprehensive, then it isn't done!
When your business matters, then your Intellectual Property NEEDS to BE LEGALLY CLEAR.
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Never have to change it.
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What is a trademark?
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How does TradeMark Express
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Free expert trademark consultations.

Our free expert trademark consultations usually differ because one client’s situation and immediate needs will vary from client to client.

What works for one business, may not be the right approach and strategy for your unique business.

Please call or go onto our Zoom Anytime link, at the top of this page, for your free expert trademark consultation – RIGHT NOW!

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The TradeMark Express Way to Get a Trademark


Expert Consultation

Contact us for a free expert consultation about your unique trademark needs. Call or Zoom anytime. 


Trademark Research

Comprehensive clearance search of Federal trademark, State trademark, & Common-Law databases


Thorough Comprehensive Legal Research Analysis

TradeMark Express’ unique money-saving step-by-step approach to trademark research includes analysis and trademark attorney analysis of potential conflicts & similarities that may affect your mark’s being LEGALLY CLEAR. 

10 Trademark Attorneys

Attorney Network

The trademark attorneys in our network are located in Washington DC (2), Chicago (3), Salt Lake City (2), Oakland, Brussels (2), and Hong Kong (2).

USA Federal, USA 50 States, Canada – Worldwide

File Trademark Application

We write and compile your trademark  application to maximize the reach of your goods or services for optimal coverage. We take care to avoid mistakes and Office Action refusals that cost time & money.

Best Since 1992


The Very Best in Legal Comprehensive Trademark Services

If your legal research isn't comprehensive, then it isn't done.

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